is a progressive disease characterized by chronic hypophosphataemia due to increased fibroblast growth factor (FGF23) activity, resulting in skeletal defects, muscular dysfunction, and dental abnormalities.1,2

—Dr. Thomas Carpenter, XLH expert

XLH is inherited within families but about 20% to 30% of cases may arise spontaneously.3 With XLH, increased FGF23 activity leads to chronic hypophosphataemia manifesting as rickets and osteomalacia in children and osteomalacia in adults, the sources of progressive and compounding symptoms of XLH. 1,2,4

XLH Diagnostic Overview

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The Impact of XLH

XLH can create a significant burden in the daily lives of children.5


Unresolved symptoms in adults can result in disability.6,7

—Sean and James Cooney, XLH Patients


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